Infragistics Ultrawebgrid igtbl_updateAddNewBox(this.Id) throws javascript exception

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While working with Infragistics, ultra webgrid, you might have come across javascript exception, “Object expected” at method igtbl_updateAddNewBox(this.Id).

One basic reason to this exception is that AllowAddNewDefault property of DisplayLayout of Grid is not set to yes, set it to yes and you will get rid of this exception.

But I came across this one in another scenario, and wasted a good amount of time on it. I had 2 aspx pages having master page and update panel. Both pages have ultra web grids in update panel, older page was working fine but the new one was showing strange behavior. After page loaded for first time if i click any cell of grid for editing, it throw the javascript exception but if some postback occurred than it worked fine.

I took grid from older page but no hope, after 6-7 hours it hit my mind that there was a basic difference between both pages, older page was sending synchronous calls to our middle layer web service where as new page (problem child) was sending asynchronous calls to the web service, I removed the asynchronous calls to synchronous ones and removed Async=”true” from the Page directive and here we go, it was working fine.

I am not sure what was the in depth reason behind it but it worked for me, and posting it here, if anyone falls in same trouble. Also I was adding a new row in grid via javascript and was throwing same error on addrow function, which also vanished after it.

All is Well!


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