Out of Memory/Memory Leakage on my Dell laptop with windows 7

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Recently i got ma new laptop, Dell with intel i5 with 4GB RAM along with windows 7, 32 bit. I was facing an out of memory message after 3-4 hours of usage. It was running me mad. After doing some web searching and inspecting my system’s memory I figured that bcmwltry.exe which is associated with the Dell Wireless WLAN Card Network Controller, was creating trouble for me.

To demonstrate the leak, open the Windows task manager.
Click the processes tab
Click the “Show processes from all users” button.
Under the view menu, click Select Columns, and select all the Memory options as well as Page Faults.
Click OK to see the new columns and then click Page Faults to sort the processes by page faults.

And here we go.

So I stopped DW WLAN Tray Service and killed the process and haven’t experienced this issue and my wireless communication isn’t having any problem.